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Spa Services and Treatments


Quick Fix | $125
Book Now 25-minute Swedish massage followed by an express facial and a spa manicure.

Be Well | $215
Book Now 25-minute aromatherapy scrub, 50-minute Swedish massage, and end the journey with a 50-minute essential facial.

Feel Well | $295
Book Now Your feel good journey includes a 50-minute hot stone massage, a 50-minute hydrating
facial, a manicure and a pedicure.

Mother To Be | $215
Book Now 50-minute Mother to Be massage, 25-minute essential facial, 50-minute spa pedicure.


80-min. $135 | 50-min. $95 | 25-min. $55

Put away all of life’s cares as you surrender to the healing power of massage. Based on Swedish modalities and customized to your needs, this massage will rebalance your body as stresses and tensions are released from both body and mind.

Deep Tissue
80-min. $155 | 50-min. $115 | 25-min. $75

This will upgrade your massage to another level. Specifically targeted to your tension areas, this massage will penetrate to engage and release deep-seated soreness. Utilizing a wider range of techniques to relieve pain and restore range of motion, this treatment will return you to your natural state of well being.

Mood Massage
80-min. $145 | 50-min. $105

Aromatherapy oils affect your mood, they enter through our olfactory system and affect the nervous system, therefore improving our mood. The chosen blend will be gently massaged into the body so that the essential oils can be absorbed gradually to do their work. Your Mood Massage journey begins with your chosen “mood” such as Energize, Soothe, Balance, Calm, and Alert, then be taken into your massage treatment room with silky scented linen, scented eye pillow that will enhance your chosen mood, along with an aromatherapy massage.

Hot Stone
80-min. $165 | 50-min. $125

Our stone massage will connect to the natural energies of the earth as our heated stones are used in combination with massage. Deep, penetrating heat will ease tight muscles and restore blood flow as the therapeutic work that follows releases pent up toxins, restoring muscle health and your body’s natural balance.

Wraps + Scrubs

Body Glow | 25-min. $45
Book Now Enjoy an invigorating full-body exfoliation to stimulate blood flow and moisturize the skin. Our organic sugar scrub is designed for a one-of-a-kind skin renewal treatment.

Mud Therapy Wrap | 25-min. $60
Book Now This revitalizing treatment begins with a relaxing rich volcanic mud for a detoxifying and hydrating skin wrap. You will also enjoy a peppermint aromatherapy scalp massage.

Shea Butter Wrap | 25-min. $60
Book Now Receive a moisturizing shea butter body application before being wrapped in a warm solar blanket as the shea butter melts into your skin.

Spa Cure | 50-min. $100
Book Now Enjoy both a body glow of your choice paired with a warm body butter wrap.


Essential | 50-min. $95
Book Now Awaken your skin! Our facial involves an exfoliating, moisturizing treatment selected for your skin type, producing a radiant complexion. You will feel refreshed and radiant.

Express | 25-min. $55
Book Now Ideal for those on the run. This facial focuses on the cleansing aspects of the WELL Spa Customized Facial.

Hydrating | 50-min. $105
Book Now This treatment hydrates overly dry skin caused by sun exposure or other environmental elements.

Anti-Aging | 50-min. $115
Book Now This facial treatment is unparalleled in its ability to delight and repair. An eye contour treatment and anti-aging mask provide a progressive rebuilding of the epidermis and a complete sense of renewal.

Acne | 50-min. $105
Book Now This treatment is for those with mild breakouts and oily skin prone to blackheads and blemishes.


Spa Manicure | $30
Book Now This service includes a cuticle grooming, nail trim, followed by a soothing massage with our signature blended lotion. Also, a fresh polish of your choice will be applied.

Polish Change | $15
Book NowFreshen up your bare hands with a fresh polish change.


Spa Pedicure | $55
Book Now Want to pamper your feet? Our service includes a sugar scrub to invigorate and exfoliate. Your cuticles are then groomed, followed by a soothing massage with our signature blended lotion. To finish, nails will be polished with your choice of color.

Sports Pedicure | $55
Book Now Your feet will enjoy a therapeutic soak followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub to exfoliate dry surface skin. After cuticles are groomed you will experience a de-stressing massage from your knees to your toes.

Polish Change | $15
Book Now Freshen up your bare toes with a fresh polish change. Add warm paraffin to any manicure or pedicure


Eyebrow Tint | $30
Eyelash Tint | $35


Backwax | $55
Bikini | $45
Brazilian | $65
Chest | $55
Chin | $20
Eyebrow | $20
Full-Arm | $45
Lip | $15
Partial Leg | $45
Underarm | $35


Platinum Painting Party | $330
Book Now Enjoy our spa as only couples can with this intense detoxification and relaxation experience. You’ll start in a private steam room before scrubbing one another’s skin with an invigorating body scrub. Next, express your artistic side by painting your partner with detoxifying spa mud. To complete the experience, you’ll be able to enjoy side by side Swedish massages.

Men's Services

Men’s Facial | 50-min. $95
Book Now Cleanse, tone, scrub and hydrate with specially formulated products.

Back Facial | $105
Book Now Treat the back with vitamin rich oils and anti-oxidants.

Sports Manicure | $25
Book Now A perfect treatment to keep you on your game.

Sports Pedicure | $55
Book Now Your feet will enjoy a therapeutic soak followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub to exfoliate dry surface skin.


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